In response to the fast pace fashion movement we live in today, and the false ideas of fashion and trends, we stay apart of all that, as we feel more comfortable around the idea of timeless elegance and style.

We also believe that it takes time, to be a real gentleman.


The origins of ANTONAGA date back to 1945.

Ever since, the company has grown organically, always looking to improve the expertise in the art of tailoring. We keep all the production process in our atelier in Spain, to guaranty the quality and perfection of our pieces.


Nowadays, the company count s on an experienced team of 50 people who put all their passion, time and knowledge to create the ‘state of the art’ suit for the real gentleman.

All fabrics are sourced in Italy and United Kingdom.

ANTONAGA is proud to be a leader company in the domestic market, and collaborates with Jaime Gallo, the Spanish Royal House Taylor, among others.

The firm offers ‘made-to-measure and ‘pret-a-porter’ suits and blazers for a contemporary man who appreciates our formula of perfect patterns and timeless designs